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Faithful readers may recall the British first used the large, deserted and dangerous continent as a penal colony. Crime was on the rise in Britain and jails were overcrowded, so they transported the convicts out to Australia. That meant an eight-month journey on a ship to what must have felt like the other side of the world. Touring the museum, it was soon clear that chain gangs built many of the buildings in Sydney. They worked all day, then back to the prison at night. They were given two meager meals a day and made to sleep in a crowded room filled with hammocks so close to each other that there home loan for doctor Oak Laurel 0430129662 was hardly any room to move. Most of the convicts were guilty of petty crimes like pickpocketing or stealing punishable by death in England. Once in Sydney, there were rats in the prison and public floggings for punishment of any misdeeds, but if they obeyed all the rules and worked hard, they were rewarded with freedom. Back in England, the convicts relatives brothers and sons sometimes committed crimes on purpose to join family members at Hyde Park. In 1948, the transportation to Australia sentence ended and the barracks became an accommodation for female immigrants (many from Ireland) and old and poor women.